Jean-Charles Hue

"The Lord’s Ride"

The film speaks of the life of a Roma family, thus presenting a living symbol of a constant metamorphosis of identity. Jean-Charles Hue searches for his origins. He spent some time with the Dorkels, a Gypsy/Yeniche family on the outskirts of society in the north of France and filmed their daily life. This film recounts the search for origins in these marginalized worlds that prefer to remain apart rather than integrate. The films relate the events that punctuate this nomadic life spent in caravans: poaching, a strange conversation or a quest for redemption. This unconvential reality seems fictional to the viewer, as the events are so foreign to normal life. The camera records everything, even the explosion of a bullet a few inches from the artist one drunken night.

Jean-Charles Hue is an artist and video filmmaker specialised in documentary films. He lives and works in Paris. Jean-Charles’s grandfather was Yenniche giving him a blood tie to the people in the film The Lord’s BMW. Further he is the author of several documentary films. He participated in 2009 at the “Bandits-Mages de Bourges » festival and at “Hors Pistes” at the Centre Pompidou, Paris. He received 2006 the best video work award, LOOP video fair, Barcelona. In 2009 Hue also explored the life in marginal areas together with the inhabitants of Tijuana, a border city between Mexico and the United States; Tijuana Carne Viva.