Acting Day


ACTING DAY_ Intervention action in public spaces with the participation of the community.
For one day, the public spaces become places to host people’s voice. On the walls of Torres Vedras city center, under artistic form, there will be created sentences that will provoke a transformation action of society. These artistic interventions will be the starting line for a debate about need of individual and collective change, and about the creation of actions that put transformation into practice.


14th September 2013, 11h00am > 01h00pm – Transforma, Torres Vedras Portugal

Workshop for preparation of ACTING DAY

Collaboration of Diana Coelho and Rui Catalão

Workshop for reflection on the transformation and creation Acting Day intervention sentences.
Free entrance. By subscription



20th September 2013, 05h30pm > 09h00pm - Historical center of Torres Vedras, Portugal


05h30pm > 07h30pm – Historical center of Torres Vedras, Portugal


-Walls for artistic interventions
After the preparation workshop, there will be created artistic interventions on the historical center walls.


-Walls for individual interventions
Citizens with direct intervention, by placing their personal sentences on the old building wall of Sporting Clube de Torres.
(stencil process – Materials will be provided on site)

07h30pm > 09h00pm – Transforma, Torres Vedras, Portugal

This debate has the purpose of launching a wider reflection about transformation and “public space” and reappropriation by local community.



Carried out in four European cities, this project is part of the ECLECTIS Network, a project of European cooperation, which aims to implement an innovative structure to favor European integration of citizens in urban construction.
ACTING DAY is a civic and artistic public space reappropriation and a participative event.

This project has the collaboration of Diana Coelho and Paulo Arraiano.

This project has the support of the Municipality of Torres Vedras
Project Funded with the European Commission through the Education and Culture Programme of the European Union and the network IMAGINE 2020 - Art and Climate Change and ECLECTIS NETWORK - European Citizen's Empowerment: Cities shared

For inscriptions and more information:
t. (+351) 261 336 320



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