Cities of Dance


Title - Cities of Dance? – Documentation Project – APAP V
Volume and Portuguese Editor - Luís Firmo
German editor - Gabriela Daedelow
Italian editor - Angela Fumarola
Austrian editor - Kate Mattingly
Belgian editors - Koen Kwanten, Franky Devos
Polish editor - Adam Kowalski
Contributors - Adam Kowalski (PL), Angela Fumarola (IT), Cláudia Galhós (PT), Franky Devos (BE), Gabriela Daedelow (DE), Kate Mattingly (AT), Koen Kwanten (BE), Luís Firmo (PT), Michael Stolhofer (AT), Pirkko Husemann (DE)
Graphic Design - Sónia Ribeiro @
Keywords - Dance. Performing Arts. Site-Specificity. Community. Local. Public Art.
Languages - English
Number of Pages - 112
Publication Date - November 2007
ISBN - 978-989-95397-1-6
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«Contemporary dance is an art form that went through enormous changes in the last years. It took itself to points of abstraction and decomposition that we only knew from music and visual arts and could have hardly being imagined for the performing arts. Jerome Bel triggered our phantasy by showing us an empty stage, others played in total darkness or were only asking questions.
The moving body being synonymic for dance was banned, movement, the basis of our agreement what dance meant often was absent. The audience had to decode concepts and was taken on referential detours. The genre dance was changing its impact the terminological accordance dissolved – misunderstanding, discussion and reassessment followed.


This book allows a specific view of dance-related cultural institutions on their six cities/regions and the links that a network was able to make between this different parts of Europe. It shows very different approaches to the idea of contemporary dance and by doing so very much exemplifies the reality of the dance world: experimenting, struggling for new forms and definitions, developing, opening, closing…»


Michael Stolhofer
Project APAP V, General Manager.