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“PIRACY and TOUR-GUIDING” (Co-optive Realities) is a workshop led by Jeremy Xido and Claudia Heu from the performance company Cabula6. The workshop focuses on the creation and implementation of intimate experiences for people in the public realm. Strategizing ways of co-opting reality for personal purposes, we will analyze, experience and create site specific performances or installations over the course of 3 two-week sessions and set them loose in the world and on each other.
Utilizing a mixture of various forms of mediated expression - audio, video, written narratives, city traffic, performance, movement, children’s toys, instructions for treasure hunts, framed sun-sets, town architecture and whatever else anyone comes up with – we will define a series of working tools for understanding and creating an art form that we call Co-Opts: art works in public space that play with and alter the perception of reality in order to bend it, twist it, and utilize it as a primary element in creating of a work of art or expression. Co-Opts are essentially performative, but not in a traditional sense of performance. They are things that a participant or audience member does. The creator sets up a type of tour through physical space and time that another person can follow and experience. In this way, “reality” is conceived as a series of actions or do-able acts in the world combined with the contemporaneous means for understanding and interpreting those actions. At their core, Co-Opts are conceived of as a creative means of interacting with that reality at the very moment in which it is being questioned, shifted and interpreted.
Each week consists of a combination of practical exercises and theoretical discussions used to explore and define the work. Each week will be dedicated to the exploration of different elements inherent to the form such as “game structure” “private in public” “danger/safety” “chance and guidelines” “the physicality of storytelling” “secrets and revelations” “architecture” “time and duration” and “transparency” among others.
The final week will be dedicated to presenting and sharing the work created by the workshop participants over the course of the six-week workshop. To get a better idea of what “Co-Opts” can be, please take a look at Click on “c6 projects” and look at TRACE, CAFÉ BON BON and THE ANGEL PROJECT.


Data de Apresentação - 30 de Outubro a 3 de Novembro 2006

Local - Transforma Ac, Praça do Município 8, Torres Vedras