SPW - Strategic Planning Workshop


Área de Atividade - Fórum

// Workshop


Finishing a cycle of eight years Transforma produced this Workshop in order to plan and define its strategy for a new period starting next 2009. This was a colaborative planning workshop , in which creative methods and work processes were used and where not only Transforma team was present but also other agents, institutions and individuals that already developed some projects, or that we want to develop with in the future, were involved. This model was structured in collaboration with Henry Lydiate (www.thehenrylydiatepartnership.com), art lawyer and university teacher in arts, that was also the facilitator and host of the workshop.


Data de Apresentação - 27 e 28 de Junho 2008

Local - Transforma, Praça do Município 8, Torres Vedras


Autoria de - TRANSFORMA