The historical centre of Torres Vedras has a new neighbourhood. You don’t believe it?... (More Info...)

...project aims to point out the problematic of unusually high number of abandoned spaces in portuguese cities... (More Info)...

O OESTE, ROTEIROS DO PATRIMÓNIO (VAGA) is a research project that aims, from its own core, to create an innovative product focused on the heritage of the western region of Portugal (More Info...)





Action4Climate WINNERS

Action4Climate WINNERS

 / 1st Prize - Announced 30 Oct.2014

Transforma is pleased to announce that "THE TRAIL OF A TALE", a film by Gonçalo Tocha (PT) developed by invitation of Transforma, won the first prize in the international competition "Action4Climate" (more information).




2nd - 11th October 2014 | Torres Vedras

CICLO is an international art in the public space festival with strong links to communities and specific socioeconomic contexts. (more information).