Transforma is a cultural institution located in Torres Vedras, that provides physical, material and relational conditions for the implementation of theoretical and practice based research and documentation processes, dealing with contemporary culture under artistic and educational contexts.
The research processes that are supported and developed by Transforma focus mainly on the connection between art, creativity and location, taking into account the particularities of the context in which the institution is integrated and the global world in which we all live in. The research carried out at Transforma also analysis how all these relations exert influence upon concepts, in terms of creativity and artistic creation, as well as upon production and programming.
Based on these principles, Transforma as become a veritable Laboratory for Contemporary Artistic Practices. Some of the projects developed by the institution include: Research Residencies, Surveys and Performances, Contemporary Art Exhibitions, Transdisciplinary Forums and Events, ARTINSITE: Art and Contemporary Culture Publications, International Meetings, Internships and Training Courses.