ArtinSite is Transforma’s editorial label.

ArtinSite is an editorial project that was created to fulfil a need to contribute to the development of a theoretical-practical field, somewhere in the crossing between contemporary artistic production and social sciences, and to produce memory.
It opens a space of connection between art and place, or, more concretely, between contemporary arts and social, cultural and territorial spaces, showing its multiple dimensions, but without being exhaustive.
The following editions are available:

ArtinSite (artist) catalogues

A new editorial branch, of independent production, without a defined format or periodicity, which intends to show the works, the projects or the unique artistic careers of authors or other artistic entities that have a professional relation with Transforma, or a work / project / career whose thematic or subject establishes a dialogue with/to this organization’s work project.

ArtinSite desvios/detours

It’s a collection which has its origin in the presentations and discussions which take place, annually, in the Forum, and intend to gather documentation on the issues discussed, revealing to a broader audience the speakers’ most recent reflections on these matters.

ArtinSite magazine

This publication intends to contribute to the establishment of discourses and practices, where the contemporary artistic creation, the artistic studies and the social sciences intersect, promoting the mediation between the idea and the object, through a multidisciplinary reading.