Generation X Over

An international exchange between cultural identities



A project that focuses on intergenerational and intercultural crossover, an exchange where mutual understanding and sharing experiences through artistic expression and learning are strengthening the connection between different generations and cultural identities. In four different European countries a group of fifteen ageing people is involved in every level of the project. In their own countries Belgium, Hungary, Portugal and Slovenia they are participating directly in a creative meeting process with their own identity confronted to younger generations identities. Chasing the same aim and objectives the groups will have different artistic inspiredtrajects, supported by different methodologies.

Project objectives and strategy



The general aim of our project is to build bridges between generations, and to exchange knowledge, to share experiences concerning tools and methodology. According to our experience the generation-gap in European societies can be experienced on the following different levels.

Common phenomenon concerning senior generation is that after retirement they often feel isolated and excluded from social activities. They have lost their motivation for learning and personal development – mainly due to financial or health conditions. In many cases they cannot rely on their families therefore they are dependedon institutional help.

Developing information technology skills is still not very common amongst them. The distance between seniors (people over 50) and the younger generation (people under 25) is a common experience in our society. Most of them have strong stereotypes towards each other due to the lack of contact and direct communication. This phenomenon is most commonly seen as for example «the lack of respect towards old people» or «the inappericiation of traditions and cultural heritage by young people». With our project we would like to destroy some of the walls built up on both sides, to cross the invisible borderline between young and old.



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