Back to Basics


LAVA-GLAMPI is an initiative of artistic and cultural exchange and non-formal learning for young people aged between 17 and 23 years, and developed under the Youth in Action program of the European Union.
Between June 30 and July 14, 2013, TRANSFORMA (PT) and MU-ZEE-UM (BE) travel to Iceland,
where this action takes place and where they will be welcomed by WORLDWIDE FRIENDS (IS).


The name Lava-Glampi was created because of the geographical roots of Iceland, since Lava is a predominant material of the Icelandic landscape and that is always in constant changing. "Glampi" means "Flash" in Icelandic, representing the light intensity of the lava and the flash of the cameras that will capture these moments.


It is intended through this intersection, the embodiment of the young participants as a "lava flow" in motion. Exploring Iceland and documenting their experiences through photography, video and various artistic processes.


"Back to basics" reveals a return to the past, an unique experience with minimal resources and the demand for sustainability based on creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship. During the walk to take place in Landmannalaugar, it will be provided several intercultural encounters between participants and the local community. These meetings aim to create different perspectives, both in the arts and in social aspects, through various workshops on environmental issues.


A greater discussion, reflection and communication about this "back to basics" will be accomplished through activities focusing on group cohesion, intercultural and artistic workshops, as well as video and photo editing, where all these tasks will take place in Raufarhöfhn. A place where a "lava flow" of ideas, experiences and expressions will be encouraged, which will gain a concrete substance, in order to make a final presentation, together with the local community.


The result of all the filming and photographic shots made, follow a guideline focused on a specific perspective (Humans Vs. Nature). It’s also noteworthy that during this journey, workshops will be held where the daily theme will be framed directly with the environment they live in, sensations / feelings they may discover and connecting to its surroundings.


In this context, after the exchange, the results of work processes developed with the participants will be presented to the public in a date that will be announced, at Transforma in Torres Vedras.