Using the Transforma´s space, at Praça do Municipio and its prime location in the historic center of the city of Torres Vedras, we present a series of concerts for a monthly event, aiming to contribute to the revitalization of the town center and to bring dynamism to its surroundings. Each event will occur during the first week-end of each month, in order to create a schedule of reference in the city, easily memorized by the local community.


With an eclectic program, and in accordance with the guideline of Transforma, it aims to give exposure to emerging values representing both locally and nationally a new strand of indie / alternative musicians / artists, with a willingness to create and innovate in the field of musical arts.


Note that this event is not for profit and you simply wants to encourage and provide the community of Torres Vedras a new musical dimension, and new values of music.




5 Out | Azevedo Silva | Tio Rex
9 Nov | Juba | Coclea
7 Dez | Fuzz | Leaf
4 Jan | Duas Semi Colcheias Invertidas + convidados


Meet the groups displayed:


\Azevedo Silva


\Tio Rex





\Duas Semi Colcheias Invertidas





The beginning of the concert will be at 10.00pm


The value of the ticket will be 4€.