Imagine 2020


Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. For the eleven arts organisations making up the IMAGINE 2020 – Art and Climate Change network, 2020 is a realistic date to work towards for making changes necessary to stabilise the climate and secure a sustainable future.
The Imagine2020 is a project created with the objective of supporting the artistic work that investigates the causes and effects of climate change and that seeks to provoke changes in the cultural sector and society in general.


What role can the cultural sector play in the necessary transition process, to drastically reduce carbon emissions, to mitigate climate change and increase resilience to the effects of peak oil? Artists traditionally confront issues of such societal importance head on and often act as a catalyst for societal change.


Art should provide a physical and imaginary space where people can take a step back, away from the corporate, the commercial and the educational, to exchange and engage with each other. It can address and involve more targeted audiences, such as young people, in playful yet serious ways. And above all it can create a positive energy and momentum for change through a sense of common purpose and hope.



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The “Imagine2020” network is a group of eleven organisations:


. Artsadmin


. Bunker


. Lift


. Lequai - Angers


. Kaaitheater


. Domaine - D´o


. Latvian Theatre


. Queer Zagreb


. Rotterdam Seschouwburg


. Kampnagel