Oeste, Roteiros de Património


O OESTE, ROTEIROS DO PATRIMÓNIO (VAGA) is a research project that aims, from its own core, to create an innovative product focused on the heritage of the western region of Portugal - a screenplay, in which the arts enhance the heritage, heritage enhances creativity, and both contribute to new forms of touristic exploration of this vast territory.

The project provides a unique and distinct approach from conventional screenplays. The final product is a poetic guide to roam the West, built on games of seemingly impossible relationships, but drawing a screenplay / path announcing the West territory of a sui generis and irresistible mode, between what is fiction and what is absolutely concrete. A quartet of artists / tourists themselves – a writer, a photographer, a film-maker, a stage director and a choreographer, build visions of this territory treading it with their footsteps, which lead them to the people, to the history and to the current culture of these places.

Using what is there, what could be and what you see between the lines and layers of a landscape, being it land or sea, they write movements for future tourists to roam and be amazed, as a whole or separately in each of the municipalities.

Co-creators: AFONSO RUZ (PT), writing: MADALENA VICTORINO (PT) and GIACOMO SCALISI (IT/PT), artistic and editorial direction: MAURIZIO AGOSTINETTO (IT), photography: OLGA RAMOS (PT), image and video; O BICHINHO DE CONTO (PT), design and graphic production.

Project funded by: PRODER, Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural - Ministério da Agricultura, Mar, Ambiente e Ordenamento do Território - Fundo Europeu Agrícola de Desenvolvimento Rural - Europe investing in rural areas.