A temporal cultural space and community garden run by youth



As part of the project and their work with the youth group of transforma, we wish to establish a community garden and temporary cultural space. The space will be organized and be taken care of by the youth group of transforma. It is envisioned as a project to revive empty space in the old part of the town of Torres Vedras, and point at a possible temporary use of an available resource. The project responds furthermore to a need of the youth to have a space to channel their creativity during the summer period, run a creative meeting space, and engage in a learning process on sustainability, and a democratic process of self organisation .
Activities at the place will be growing of biological vegetables, expositions, readings, showings of artistic works of the youth, and workshops among other. The youth will produce a documentary film of their process and the project, and contribute with vegetables for the shared event in October.



The space is bound to start as soon as possible and will last until October 20. There will be ongoing activities throughout this period organized by the youth. The space might also function also as a pilot project to observe the contribution of such a space to the old city center and people in Torres Vedres in general. The youth are between 16 and 24, all sensitive young, responsible people. They are commited to use the property with respect and to contribute to enhance the quality of the space and establish good relations with the neighbours.