Pop it Up!

POP-UP EXHIBITION| 29th May 2015 | 9PM – 12PM | Cerca da Josefa | Torres Vedras

The POP IT UP! project aims to point out the problematic of unusually high number of abandoned spaces in portuguese cities, in this particular case in Torres Vedras. Former shops, apartments or offices are meant to serve to people, to be full of their voices, movements and simply lifes. However nowadays the life is happening all around, but can’t enter the closed door. To remind this problem, one of these abandoned spaces has been chosen for this project, to be reanimated in a specific way for a very limited period of time.

The space will be reanimated by a one-night exhibition (“pop-up”) of international and local video-art / experimental video. This artistic method was chosen on purpose for the character of video. Its essence is enlivening pictures (therefore the english expression “motion pictures”), characters, stories or ideas. The animation serves to the project in every sense of this word. Using video works easily creates an illusion of a life in the abandoned space.

The project will be presented as a “pop-up” exhibition*, for only one night, of 4 international and 2 local artists.

Participating artists:

Arnaud Brihay (BE)

Katarzyna Parejko (PL)

Mariana Madeira (PT)

Sebastian Stumpf (DE)

Thierry Ferreira (PT)

Tereza Příhodová (CZ)

* Pop-up exhibition is a new format of exhibitions taking place in only one night, connecting vernissage and finissage in one single moment.