TRANSFORMA, TORRES VEDRAS, PORTUGAL / 17-20.OCT.2013, from 10am to 6.30pm
Participants: Artists, professionals from various areas of knowledge, politics and science, community and local organizations.


Transforma hosts annually a meeting between artists and professionals from various areas of knowledge and research. The event is a way to discuss questions that are actively present in the transformation of society, contributing towards the construction of critical mass and initiate action, establishing simultaneously new connections between different development agents.
This Laboratory aims at contributing towards a process of internal change in communities, offering a forum to discuss the current need for change and the creation of new solutions by civil society.
This project happens at a time we considered to be imperative to implement a significant transformation in our society, questioning the way we live and how we have replaced our personal power with submission to concepts and norms imposed by speculative techno-structures.
Our aim is also to transform the contribution, discussion and sharing of knowledge created by the participants from different areas of the Laboratory into inspiration for the development of artistic work that will be able to instigate transformative thought.




This project is part of the programme that Transforma develops within the scope of the European Network IMAGINE 2020 – Art and Climate Change. The network comprises eleven European performing art structures that support artistic work engaging with the effects of climate changes and its causes. The network aims at increasing the awareness of these issues within the artistic community and also engage with cultural sector audiences, among others.
The network is present in nine European countries and congregates ten cultural institutions: KAAITHEATER, Brussels, Belgium (Project Leader); ARTSADMIN, London, United Kingdom; BUNKER, Ljubljana, Slovenia; DOMINO, Zagreb, Croatia; KAMPNAGEL, Hamburg, Germany; LE QUAI, Angers, France; LIFT, London, United Kingdom; NEW THEATRE INSTITUTE OF LATVIA, Riga, Leetonia; ROTTERDAMSE SCHOUWBURG, Rotterdam, Netherlands; TRANSFORMA, Torres Vedras, Portugal.
Coordinator: Theresa von Wuthenau (DE/FR)

Project financed by the European Union Education and Culture Program and the IMAGINE2020 Network