The Trail of a Tail

 / 1st Prize - Announced 30 Oct.2014


Transforma is pleased to announce that "THE TRAIL OF A TALE", a film by Gonçalo Tocha (PT) developed by invitation of Transforma within the European project IMAGINE 2020 - Art and Climate Change and in association with the new economics foundation (UK), won the first prize in the international competition "Action4Climate".

The film was inspired by the new economics foundation report "The Great Transition", and was developed with the intention of provoking a transformative thought.


Due to the current period of profound transformation in several areas of society and the environment, we must contribute with all that we can to mitigate the risks of climate change, increase resilience and enhance the possibility of a more sustainable future.


Transforma continues to believe in the need to identify a diverse and distinctive role for art practice and creativity, within the development of new perspectives and meaning for a much needed personal and communitarian regeneration – visionary, poetic, spiritual, significant and mobilizing!


It is with great joy that we see young Portuguese artists to correspond with such seriousness and quality to the challenges proposed by Transforma.