hello!earth are a collective of Danish artists in residence at Transforma in 2013. The project will develop in Torres Vedras focuses on the reassessment of how we perceive and value our natural resources. The work will lead to various interventions in public space, including activities with different groups in the community, culminating in a community event that will occur in late October 2013.


During there stay of 3 months in Torres Vedras, the group of artists hello!earth will create a work of participatory art that aims to promote new links between different community groups, remixing preexisting social relations.


Initially, the hello!earth will conduct workshops with the community site, integrating the experience of the participants. It will be a sensorial work, open to dialogue with their surroundings, centered on the observation and study of daily routines. The hello!earth will be supported in different strategies, to contextualize their presence in the community to use resources and collective and shared spaces to create actions that generate meetings.


The project entitled Re-Everything will be built by a set of several satellite projects, organized with the different community groups.




About hello!earth

With a unique and cutting edge cross-over approach - related to different artistic disciplines, creating a new hybrid of entrances and practices for making art -, hello!earth create participatory works in urban spaces and natural environments that challenge and re-mix our relationship with our surroundings and with each other, where the embodied experience of the audience and shift in consciousness become the performance, the dance, the art.

hello!earth works were presented in co-operation with leading art, theatre and dance institutions worldwide, such as at Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona), Panoramafestival (Rio de Janeiro), the Palestinian National Theatre (Jerusalem) and at Copenhagen International Theatre’s Metropolis Biennale.


More info and documentation on earlier projects: