May, 6th 2011 . [For general audience]




10 am . 10.30 am


// Introduction


. Mark Deputter [Teatro Municipal Maria Matos, Lisboa]

. Delgado Domingos [Lisboa E-Nova . Agência Municipal de Energia - Ambiente de Lisboa]




10.30 am . 01.00 pm


// Climate change, ecology, and sustainable developmente

    Where do we stand and what can we do?


- The transition to a sustainable society: a systems perspective

Respecting the ecological limits of Ecosystem Earth is the non-negotiable basis for our social and economic development. The Rockström diagram illustrates that we have already breached the safe operating space for several global environmental issues, including climate change. In order to return to ecological sustainability, the use of natural resources by industrialised countries needs to be reduced by 90%. A transition is required.

. Peter Tom Jones [University of Leuven, Belgium]



- Towards carbon zero emissions

The zerocarbonbritain2030 report is a positive, realistic vision for a society free from fossil fuels. It provides political, economic and technological solutions to the urgent challenges raised by climate science. It explores the synergies between sectors to create a fully integrated solution to climate change. The report explores how we can Power Down demand in the built environment, transport, land use and behavioural change, then Power Up the energy system with renewable.

. Julie Bromilow [Centre for Alternative Technologies, Wales, UK]




2.30 pm . 4.00 pm

// Art, Climate Change and Sustainable Development


- The arts sector in transition to sustainable development

Reporting on the success we’re enjoying and the lessons we’re learning from arts organisations, networks and partnerships in the UK. Covering theatres and touring, music venues, festivals, record labels, visual arts and dance. Sharing a vision for a low carbon future with a flourishing arts sector and inspiring organisations to get on with it!


. Helen Heathfield [Julie´s Bicycle, United Kingdom]



- Working with artists on climate change: Commissioning, Presenting, Touring

How should the arts respond to climate change? Should we be commissioning work to draw attention to the subject? Should we continue to tour internationally?
Judith Knight will talk about Artsadmin’s engagement with the issue of climate change: the Imagine 2020 Network, commissioning artists’ work and finding ways of making international touring ‘greener’.

. Judith Knight [Artsadmin, United Kingdom]




4.30 pm . 6.00 pm


// Practices of Sustainable Development in the arts


- Is it worth a party? The sustainable experience of Boom Festival

Since 2006, André Soares and Boom Festival have embarked on a journey to make a large arts and music festival sustainable, meeting the challenge on many fronts, from the development of sustainable practices to the invention of new technologies. Today, the festival is perceived as an example and has received various awards, including the Green Festival and the Green and Clean Festival Award of Europe.


. André Soares [Boom Festival, Portugal / Ecocentro IPEC, Brazil]



- INDEX: Award & Design to improve life

INDEX: is a non-profit organization established in 2002, focussing on “Design to Improve Life”. INDEX: is widely recognized for the global biennial design award, the largest monetary design prize in the world, worth €500,000. INDEX: dreams of a world that is designed to suit the needs and aspirations of mankind, and nine years of experience have shown that design can be a decisive factor of a better world.


. Adam von Haffner Paulsen [Index Awards, Denmark]