May 7th 2011 [For artists, students and performing arts professionals]




10 am . 1 pm


- Sustainable venues and theatres

Helen Heathfield will share the experience of theatres across the UK who are improving their environmental impact, including Arcola Theatre, National Theatre, Sage Gateshead and Wembley Arena.
From technical insights, to how best to manage an eco-team and communicate with incoming productions and audiences, this presentation will be interactive to ensure all your questions are answered.


. Helen Heathfield [Julie´s Bicycle, United Kingdom]



- A more sensible production household for the performing arts

What can the performing arts do for climate change on a practical day-to-day basis? How can we make good theatre and dance productions and still sleep well overnight because of the carbon footprint we have left behind? This is a practical guide to sustainable management of creative processes in the performing arts and an example of a performance with a low level of power consumption.


. Johan Penson [Rosas / Bastt, Belgium]



- Teaching sustainable development and global citizenship

This workshop allows teachers and educators to find out more about sustainability issues and how to apply them in an educational setting. Participants will acquire inspiration, increase their own knowledge, and gain ideas for bringing global issues to children, students and adults. The wide range of learning covers climate change, global equity and biodiversity through subjects such as food, building and energy.

. Julie Bromilow [Centre for Alternative Technologies, Wales, UK]




3 pm . 6 pm


- Lower carbon touring?

Helen will present a recent research on theatre, orchestra and band touring and explore how arts organisations are putting its recommendations into practice. The Industry Green Tool for Touring can help with tour planning and reporting: good supply chain partners, options for set design, tour routing, gaining support from crew and artists and ways of talking about your efforts with your audiences.


. Helen Heathfield [Julie´s Bicycle, United Kingdom]



- Working with Artists, Audiences and Stakeholders

Having made a decision to make the arts ‘greener’, where do we begin? Is it with the artists, the audiences, the funders, the venues? How can each influence the other? How do we join up the dots?


. Judith Knight [Artsadmin, United Kingdom]



- Sustainable Festivals

Cultural events represent windows of opportunity to present the viability of sustainable lifestyles. Sustainability is achieved with strategic and operational plans: understanding the limitations of water, energy, materials, time and people is crucial in order to make progress. In this workshop we will use Permaculture as a design tool to discuss the strategies for a sustainable event.


. André Soares [Boom Festival, Portugal / Ecocentro IPEC, Brazil]