Artinsite #0


Title - ArtinSite – Arte vs. Local – Nº 0 – Memória e Identidades
Editors - Luís Firmo, Nelson Guerreiro, Rui Brás
Graphic Design - Patrícia Pinto
Languages - Portuguese
Number of Pages - 55
Publication Date - October 2003
ISSN -1645-8478
Size - 27cm (H) x 21cm (W) x 0,5cm (D)
Weight - 220g
Price - 5€




«The first two ArtinSite numbers form a non-linear narrative unit, connected by the subject memory and identities, ways of (re)creating the local. The subject suggests a first approach to the magazine’s mission, since it allows to put into perspective the cultural and artistic contemporary practices, exploring the wish of permeability that they show within the specific contexts where they’re developed, without forgetting the existing aesthetical, cultural and structural problematics, which characterize and influence them.»


Luís Firmo, Nelson Guerreiro, Rui Brás