Artinsite #1


Title - ArtinSite – Arte vs. Local – Nº 1– Memory and Identities
Edition - Luís Firmo, Nelson Guerreiro, Rui Brás
Translation - Flashfinger @ Traidores (Pm)
Graphic Design - Sónia Ribeiro @
Languages - Portuguese-English
Number of Pages - 215
Publication Date - July 2004
ISSN - 1645-8478
Size - 27cm (H) x 21cm (W) x 1,7cm (D)
Weight - 740g
Price - 7,5€




«In the following pages, we reassert our will in presenting new texts, preferencially from emergent authors of our editorial landscape, in a discursive intersection between contemporary art and society, but never losing track of the themes we’ve elected for the first two issues, that is, memory and identity. This editorial option triggered multiple approaches by the texts’ authors, which allows thinking – our own ‘boldness’, if we may say so – that ArtinSite may be considered a confluence space of theories and practices stemming from the most diverse of fields of thought and artistic practices of contemporaneity. In practice, this reveals our own intentions in searching/collecting diverse collaborations, whose intensity will be dependent on the investment consciously done. This very issue presents texts that can be associated to the most diverse of artistic fields, such as performative and visual arts, or scientific, namely anthropology and sociology.»


Luís Firmo, Nelson Guerreiro, Rui Brás