The art of survival


Title - The Art of Survival – Artistic Views On The Social / APAP VI
Editors - Corpus / Transforma
Contributors - Agnieszka Mazur, Anna Piotrowska, Antonio Pizzicato, Ben Benaouisse, Bertie Ambach, cabula6 (Jeremy Xido + Claudia Heu), Diego Gil, Gabriela Daedelow, Gerhard Spring, Helmut Ploebst, Iffat Fatima, Igor Dobricic, Judith Helmer, Juha Marsalo, Julius Deutschbauer, Kate Mattingly, Kurt Vanbelleghem, Lina Saneh, Martina Ruhsam, Mekhitar Garabedian, Michael Stolhofer, Oliver Frljic, Renata Catambas, Roger Bernat, Sevie Tsampalla.
Graphic Design - vivóeusébio –
Keywords - Community. Dance. Dialogue. Film. Immigration. Integration. Intercultural. Performance. Performing Arts. Photography. Site-Specificity. Social. Space. Survival.
Languages - English
Number of Pages - 88
Publication Date - September 2008
ISBN - 978-989-95397-4-7
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«The advancing performing arts project (apap) 2007/08 carries the number VI. The apap is now ten years old. It began with 5 partners, at the moment it is 8, and from 2009 it will be 14 european organisations. The network is developing and changing. What was founded for the joint support of young artists has increasingly developed into a platform for designing and implementing artistic projects which could only emerge within this network and, in addition, also into a forum for a theoretical examination of function, production and distribution of the contemporary performing arts in Europe. Further along its way, apap will advance the preoccupation with important social and art themes on a theoretical level and in artistic productions. All these activities, which are spread out across Europe, are brought together in annual themes in a meeting of artists, experts and curators, starting in 2009.

A peculiarity of apap is diversity and difference. Partners with differing specialisations add up to a stronger whole. The work on thematic priorities with various artistic means and approaches provides a broad and continuative perspective. apap VI brings together different perspectives and forms of representation regarding the theme of “The art of survival – artistic views on the social“ in presentations in Berlin, Brussels and Zagreb.
The works in seven European institutions, each also handling the curation of the artists, were the result. The presentation form of the works was developed together.»


Bertie Ambach & Michael Stolhofer