TTT 2007


The theme of TTT 2007 is: ...Locus Operandi ... or "WHERE ARE YOU DOING, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?": An intense reflection and a half day on the creativity to the creative sector stakeholders: academics, owners of media , brand owners, policy makers, local community members, policy makers and, of course, creative professionals in all disciplines.


Participants: Michael Dacosta (uk) Ana Umbelino (pt) Bronac Ferran (uk) Catarina Vaz Pinto (pt) Fred Manson (us/uk) Henry Lydiate (uk) Liz Lydiate (uk) Scott Burnham (usa) Cláudia Galhós (pt) Renata Catambas (pt) Artur Cabral (pt) Inês Vieira (pt) Joaquim Jorge (pt) Raquel Luz (pt) Rui Brás (pt) Luís Firmo (pt) Tiago Miranda (pt)



Torres Vedras, Portugal - 2nd & 3rd November 2007