Concerto Polifónico


Bárbara Leite, Portugal


Sound installation that choreographs polyphonically the inhabitants daily life.






 Praça do Município, Torres Vedras

17th to 21st of October 2011 . 10am > 22pm


Sound installation (loop). 5 periods with a maximum duration of 3min. 10h; 13h; 16h; 19h; 22h.



This project takes the form of a sound installation that choreographs the inhabitants’ daily life. Its goal is to reflect about the daily events of the city, via a sound composition (polyphony), more specifically through a concert lasting 3 minutes. These concerts will be presented in previously determined and announced times, creating therefore a new sound ambiance for a specific site, transporting, even if briefly, the collective imaginary into another completely distinct collective, creating a simulated space. The final aim of the project is to generate fictional sound coordinates contained within the events duration, and which might possibly trigger the inter-relationship and involvement of the population in the construction of daily-life and the enjoyment of the collective space, legitimising this space as a site for collective and individual expression.



Bárbara Leite - (V.N.Gaia, 1984) graduated from FAUP in 2008, where she studied architecture, and presented her final academic project entitled “Disciplinary contaminations: Architecture / Scenography”. In 2007/08 she studied Scenography at CVUT in Prague. Since 2009 he collaborates with an Oporto architecture agency, having developed simultaneously several personal projects. Currently she is attending the Master of Art and Design for the Public Space at FBAUP, where she is developing a research project focused on sensible practices in the public space, considering the relations established between the sonorities of those practices and the city