O terreiro é nosso!


Carolina Anselmo, Brasil


"Questioning the city through interventions that reveal layers and raise questions about their context."






17th to 22nd of October, 10am > 6pm

Praça do Município, Torres Vedras

Audio-visual installation. 3 videos of actions performed in favelas. Reproduction and re-reading of drawings made by children.




The focus of this work is to problematize cities, raise conflicts and tensions inherent to those same spaces as a form of politicization of the public space. I’m interested in the intersection between art and urbanism and the proposition of the extension of its fields, a path I chose as an attempt to deal more coherently with contemporary fluidity. Starting with observations carried out during a process of urban restructuration of a favela located in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the project aims at raising questions concerning some of the urban planning practices carried out in the opaque spaces of Brazilian cities through actions carried out in those same spaces. In Torres Vedras, and taking into account the local context, that process shall be presented in the gallery and will interact with some of the interventions carried out in the city.




Carolina Anselmo - Born in Brazil, Carolina de Castro Anselmo began her work in construction, building’s restoration, project coordination, and is currently trying to initiate a process of reflexion about the public space. She is currently studying at the Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto, were she is attending the Master of Art and Design for the Public Space, in an effort to complement her training in Architecture and Urbanism (UFMG, 2007, Brazil), and raise questions about contemporary cities by taking into account their complexity and fluidity.