Palavra Ausente


Meireles de Pinho, Portugal


“Absent Word” wants to re-launch the question in the numb absence of the word memory?




[Installation- Happening]


15th of October 2011 . 7pm > 8pm

Praça do Município, Torres Vedras




Memory… is an absent word in the application for the POLIS XXI – Partnerships for Urban Regeneration programme entitled, “TORRES AO CENTRO” – Urban Regeneration of the Torres Vedras Historical Centre. A complex, extensive, and detailed document, overflowing with ideas and actions, corresponding to a will and desire to advance. It has become the city’s official political message. Torres Vedras was attributed its charter by King Afonso the 3rd in the 13th century and is a place contaminated by historical and collective memories.

This work wants to re-launch this question in the numb absence of the word Memory in its content, and question the ingénue absence of collective memory. The raising of the red flag with the word memory written in white, its nobleness floating in the wind, reminds us of new contemporary conquests.




Meireles de Pinho studied at the Escola Superior de Belas Artes do Porto, were he obtained a degree in Sculpture. In 1995/97 he studied plastic arts/sculpture at the Seville Faculty of fine Arts. Between 1996/97 he received a research grant from Instituto Camões to further his work in Plastic Arts. Since 1988 he took part in several collective and individual exhibitions. In 2007 he organized and participated in “LAND ART GAIA”, a partnership with the Parque Biológico de Gaia. In 2009 he took part in the Arte Urbana – AMI exhibition, Porto – Galeria da Praça “DESENHOS PrAMI”; Porto – CASA BARBOT - Vila Nova de Gaia “A Casa, A Sala e A Estufa”. In 2010 he created at CCB – Fábrica das Artes an installation named “A Floresta Mágica, o Silêncio e o Som”, a sound workshop in partnership with Claire Honigsbaum. He also participated in the Arte Pública (Des)locação#1 exhibition in Crestuma and the Land Art Cascais exhibition that took place in 2010.