Inês Alves, Portugal


"Installation that questions the inaccessibility of the site."






17th to 22nd of October 2011 . permanent

Aqueduto de Torres Vedras




This proposal involves the use of a singular structure in the city of Torres Vedras, its aqueduct. Large matters that are used – or have been used in the past – for the transport of essential goods. Just as a viaduct allows the crucial traffic flow to our current daily life, the aqueduct as served the hydric flow. Using a layer of the populations’ daily life, as well as an approach that causes strangeness and raises questions, this project aims at creating an enigmatic reading of the set installed in the pre-existing surface. Encouraging simultaneously people to visit this piece of collective memory, drawing attention to the inaccessibility of certain special layers.




Inês Alves - (Porto, 1984) Studied at ESAP in 2008, were she obtained a degree in Architecture. Currently studying at FBAUP, were she is attending the Master of Art and Design for the Public Space. Alves’s academic studies have involved the interdisciplinary relation and balance between theory and practice, exploring the potentiality of the Public Space as a platform of action outside the rigid limits of permanent construction.