Escalas 1/1


Joana Nascimento & Sofia Santos, Portugal


"1/1 Scales materializes via drawing traces of a private occupation in a public space."






17th to 22nd of October 2011 . permanent

Parque estacionamento Teatro-Cine, Torres Vedras




1/1 Scales is a project that designs and rebates traces of a past occupation. The vertical traces left by the demolition of a construction are the residual matter that inspires immaterial occupations. The work process foresees a survey of the spaces that present these characteristics, reviewing the symbolic value of disengagement in the historic centre of Torres Vedras and Oporto.

Therefore, using a 1/1 scale drawing created with the aid of a yellow continuous or non-continuous line, we are going to create traces of space activation/transformation. This new space will question its public and/or private character, without the imposition of functions or programs by these new boundaries. Limits will be reinvented poetically.




Joana Nascimento (Porto, 1985) obtained a degree in Sculpture, and Sofia Santos (Porto, 1985) a degree in Painting. They started collaborating and researching in 2007, the year they began attending the Master of Art and Design for the Public Space at FBAUP. Their collaborative work is based on the questioning of various concepts, namely: daily life, territory, heritage, and identity narratives. The site is seen as an open process were artistic intervention may add a layer of sensitivity to the construction of a critical discourse.